Our Story

From Our Head Dreamer:

My Tribe was conceived in fall 2004 as Tobie Beh'day Concoctions (TBDC), a cookie company that provided large gourmet cookies rightfully billed as "creations of individual distinction."  While TBDC was well received, the company shut its doors in 2009 due to the economic downturn.

Though ten years have passed since TBDC concluded its last transaction, time has not lessened the creative drive and love for baking cookies and creatively presenting them to customers.  I am now fortunate to be at a point in my life where I am able to comfortably entertain reestablishing this dream of mine to run a small business baking cookies to share across the U.S.  Enter, the conception of My Tribe Cookie Company.

Why the name "My Tribe"?  Because, we are surrounded by groups of diverse people that feed into our lives.  People we hold dear.  People who care about us, care for us, love on us, encourage us, challenge us, stand with us, sometimes fall with us, share our joys, our tears, they provide a haven when the rain falls, and beacons of light when the darkness fights to prevail.  These people, they are our tribe, your tribe...my tribe.

As the head dreamer, the architect of My Tribe Cookie Company, my personal tribe is made up of my friends, my family, my church and my sisterhood (Alpha Chi Omega).  These are the people that have and continue to shape my world.  These four groups represent each leaf of the four-leaf clover in our logo.  The names of some of these people have found their way on our cookies. 

Does having a cookie named after them make them more important than other tribe members?  Not at all!  Behind, better yet, beside each of those names, reside several others who have also played an integral part in molding me into the person I am today, tomorrow and every day I draw breath.

Who is your tribe?  Who pours into and shapes your world?  Did a few names come to mind as you read our story?  Great!  Send them a dozen (or two) cookies, return the hugs and encouragement with a sweet surprise.  No matter their names, their beliefs, or their place in your world.  They're your tribe, honor them as I've honored mine!

As Johnny Cash once sang: "These are my people.." And as I say, THIS is My Tribe.



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